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Focusing faster than the blink of an eye

Varifocal Lens

Revolutionizing the concept of focal points, a groundbreaking varifocal lens


High speed, real time all-in-focused-image can be obtained

A real-time all focused-image is obtained by scanning the focal length range at high speed. TAGLENS requires absolutely no mechanical power when scanning, and is characterized by its ability to provide images across all focal lengths without stress, and at the desired magnification and resolving power.


Ultra-deep-focus eliminates conventional lens limitation

Adding TAGLENS to a conventional lens allows ultra-high-speed 14 μs changing of focal length so that deep-focus images can be obtained in real time.


No Autofocus or Z-axis Power Unit Required

TAGLENS reduces the time consumed for auto-focusing, contributing to the improvement of the data processing speed of the inspection device.

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