Web Exhibition 2020 – FMM Surftest SJ210 & 410 Series


Surftest SJ-210 & SJ-410 Series

World Leading Portable Surface Roughness Tester

Surftest SJ-210 Series

Handheld tool designed to be user-friendly and easy mobility on site


Extensive analysis & display features

Calculation results are displayed in large numerical values, with colors for easy identification of pass and fail results.


Highly functional detectors and drive units

In one easy step, the driver can be easily separated and reattached from the display unit.


Different orientation of measurements

Capable of performing measurements in any orientation, including vertical and upside-down.

Surftest SJ-410 Series

Large touch-screen, color-graphic LCD that ensures intuitive control and advanced operability


GO/NG judgment fuction

When limits are set for the roughness parameter, an “OK/NG” judgment symbol is displayed for the calculated result. In the case of “NG,” the calculated result will be highlighted.


Skidless Measurement

Surface features are measured relative to the drive unit reference surface and support a variety of measurements by replacing the stylus. It measures waviness and finely stepped features accurately but the range is limited to the stylus travel available.


Simple contour analysis function

Point group data collected are used to perform simplified contour analysis that cannot be assessed by a contour measurer.

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