Special Calendar Products – May 2018


Formtrace Extreme CS-H5000CNC

CNC Contour and Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument

Hybrid machine with dual-role capability

Opening up a new stage in top and bottom surface measurement.


Surface and Contour Measuring Instruments

High-accuracy stylus type CNC Surface Measuring Instrument that allows simultaneous measurement of surface roughness and form/contour.


Easy to Operate

Supplied with the easy-to-operate Remote Box, on which the user can make any movement by selecting the required axis using the two joysticks. The current axis selection is easily identified by the icon on the key top.


High Resolution

A Mitutoyo Laser Holoscale is incorporated in the X1-axis and Z1-axis so that high resolution [X1-axis: 6.25nm, Z1-axis: 1nm (4nm/8nm: CS-5000CNC, 1nm/2nm: CS-H5000CNC)] is achieved and batch measurement of form/contour and surface roughness can be made.

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