Special Calendar Products – March 2018


Hyper Quick Vision
White Light Interferometer

High accuracy for non-contact dimensional measurement

White Light Interferometer

Using white light interferometer, the Quick Vision Series can perform highly accurate 3D measurements in microscopic areas for surface analysis, small-diameter hole depth, and line and space measurements on circuit boards.


High precision & resolution

Non-contact 2D/3D measurement

White light interferometer (WLI optical head) applied to vision measuring systems enables a wide range of powerful measurements, from 2D measurement of coordinates and dimensions, surface analysis in microscopic areas, depth measurement of small-diameter holes, and to high-precision 3D measurement of wiring dimensions on a printed circuit board.


High Capability of handling

A wide variety of measurement surfaces

WLI method can handle a wide variety of measurement surfaces including diffusing surfaces and mirrored surfaces. Using Mitutoyo’s proprietary algorithm, WLI can also handle surfaces with large brightness differences, e.g., where plastic and metal coexist in mixed states.


Powerful Supporting Software


Synthesizes 3D shape data from interference fringes to display shapes or outputs point cloud data to external sources. 3D data can be transferred to the shape/evaluation analysis software (optional) to implement shape measurement and surface analysis.

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