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Lens Measurement Solution

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Metrology Solutions for Lens Industry Measurement

Optical Lens is an optical device composed of a lens on a camera or projector. It is used to form the images on films or screens. It can be divided into short focal lens, medium focal lens and long focal lens based on its focal length. In terms of measurement of Lens exterior dimensions, it’s aspherical properties requires unique analysis method, where Mitutoyo’s years of experience of measurement and combination of softwares and wide range measurement instruments make us above the rest.

Support & Development and Production of Lenses
by Mitutoyo Measuring Equipments


Aspheric Lens, consists of complex surface profile. Where at the top of the Lens, consist of another separate form profile.

Aspheric Lens consists of complex surface profile. Where at the top of the Lens, consist of another separate form profile. The machine’s uncertainty in movement leads to varying deviations from the specified target aspheric shape, therefore requiring the utmost high precision type of Form Measuring Machine.


Featured Measuring Product:

Form Measuring Machine – CS-H5000CNC

Ultra Accurate CNC Form Measuring Machine



Handphone Lens Barrel – Small and intricate steps and size, ensuring high quality images through the lens.

Barrel is used to secure the lens to ensure that the position of the optical axis of each lens can be on a straight line. To ensure fine dimensional accuracy, the combination of Vision and fine styli tips from QV MiSCAN Vision system ensures quality to the best.



Featured Measuring Product:

MiSCAN Vision System

Capable of measuring micro form with MPP-NANO probe.



Mold cavity of parts requires high accuracy measurement machine to produce the best quality parts.

The accuracy of a mold cavity will affect the deviation from the optical axis on both sides of a lens. Therefore, a mold cavity needs high machining accuracy. This CMM can evaluate coordinates, positional deviation, diameter, circularity, etc., with an accuracy of 0.28 μm.


Featured Measuring Product:

CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine – LEGEX

Ultra-high Accuracy CNC CMM


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