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Ultra-high Accuracy CNC Vision Measuring System

Ultra QV

Product Information

ULTRA QV is an Ultra-high Accuracy CNC Vision Measuring System with measuring accuracy of E1XY (0.25 + L/1000) μm. Our proprietary high-resolution (0.01 μm) and high-accuracy low-expansion glass scales are used on the X, Y and Z axes. The main unit utilizes a highly rigid moving Y axis table with a fixed bridge. The base is made of high stability granite.


High-accuracy, High-resolution Scale

The length measuring systems, standard for individual axes, are equipped with a high-resolution linear encoder system with a resolution of 0.01μm, respectively, which Mitutoyo has uniquely developed. This scale uses crystal glass as its material, of which the thermal expansion coefficient nearly equals zero, to minimize the scale expansion and contraction due to change in temperature and offer higher-reliability measurement data.

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