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Measurement Data Wireless Communication System

U-WAVE Bluetooth

Product Information


  • Bluetooth® communication allows for wireless transmission of measurement data from digimatic micrometers and calipers to PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other terminals alike. 
  • U-WAVE is now available with Bluetooth® wireless technology. With no receiver required, one PC can connect up to seven units with Mitutoyo U-WAVE Bluetooth ®. For tougher shop floor usage, dust / water-proof models are also available. 
  • Bluetooth® communication not only allows for cost reduction, as it does not require the conventional dedicated receiver unit, but it also improves operability. 
  • Communication distance of approx. 16 m in an open space and approx. 10 m in a factory environment. 
  • The application software for transferring measurement data to smartphones, tablets, or PCs.
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