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Portable Surface Roughness Measurement

Surftest SJ-500/SV-2100 Series

Product Information

SURFTEST SJ-500/SV-2100, a surface roughness tester which offers benchtop or portable operation and the choice of data analysis by PC or an easy-to-use dedicated processor.



  • Easy-to-operate joystick. Fine positioning of stylus required for small-hole measurements can be easily performed using the manual fine-adjustment knobs.
  • Supports 43 types of analysis parameters, complying with surface roughness standards such as ISO 1997 and JIS 2001. Also capable of various fine-contour analysis.
  • A ceramic guideway, inherently free from wear and deterioration with age, is employed to maintain the traversing straightness of the drive unit (X-axis) indefinitely. Maintenance-free design, since anti-corrosion treatment is not required for ceramic.
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