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CNC Vision Measuring System Equipped with Non-contact Displacement Sensor (CPS Probe)

QVH4 Pro

Product Information

QVH4 Pro is a Non-contact Displacement Sensor-equipped CNC Vision Measuring System. This dual system with a non-contact displacement sensor has a scanning function that enables measurement of minute height differences and 3D shapes. The non-contact displacement sensor (CPS probe) uses the wavelength confocal method. The LED used as the light source of the displacement sensor has an auto-brightness control function that enables seamless measurement of materials with different reflectivity.



  • All the QUICK VISION Pro models are equipped with a strobe light, and the newly developed vision measuring function "StrobeSnap" delivers measurements with both high throughput and high accuracy. Regardless of the continuity of measuring positions, measuring time can be shortened by about 35 to 45% for most measurement samples. Due to the excellent compatibility with part programs allows a part program to be created for high-speed measurement with ease.
  • The image auto focus of QUICK VISION Pro can measure the height of mirror-finished surfaces through to rough surfaces, such as machined surfaces and plastic molded parts, with high accuracy and at high speed under any conditions. Image auto focus speed has been improved by about 30% compared with conventional models.
  • CPS Probe is used for non-contact measurement of steep angle surfaces and transparent object. Differences in the focal length of the white light source are used to measure an angled surface. Additionally, thickness of a thin, transparent object is measured by simultaneous detection of surface heights at two points on the object.
  • The Point From Focus (PFF) function enables the 3D measurement with multi cross-section images. Scanning the object by auto focusing the objective lens can capture multiple cross-section images (image contrasts) at different heights. Thus obtaining 3D shape data from such images.
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