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2D Color Vision Measuring System

Quick Image Series

Product Information

Quick Image Series is a 2-D Color Vision Measuring System.



  • The 90mm working distance ensures that you can focus, even with stepped workpieces, without worrying about collisions.
  • Errors due to height are strictly minimized within a depth of focus with steps of up to 22mm, and measurements are possible in which human errors due to focusing are eliminated.
  • Use pattern search for multiple workpieces within the screen view, and measure them all in one operation with the one-click execution function. This eliminates the need for accurate positioning of workpieces and cumbersome setup of fixtures.
  • This camera provides high-resolution color images for effective use in high-accuracy measurement and workpiece surface observation. Bright color measurement images are easily stored as a file and can be used for creating an easily understood measurement report.
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