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Individual Inch Rectangular Gauge Blocks

Product Information

Mitutoyo Steel Gauge Block offers you the following benefits: 

  • Outstanding dimensional stability: Mitutoyo steel gauge blocks are made exclusively from artificially aged material. 
  • High gauge reliability: The gauge blocks can be used as a standard for a long time due to their high dimensional stability. 
  • The maximum permitted length changes to gauge blocks over a year are defined in EN ISO 3650. Mitutoyo high-quality gauge blocks easily meet these and all other requirements. 
  • Steel gauge blocks are excellent for use as a standard because of the low measurement uncertainty that can be achieved when using them. 
  • Mitutoyo steel gauge blocks have top-quality surfaces, guaranteeing high wringing force. 


Mitutoyo Ceramic Gauge Block offers you the following benefits: 

  • Due to the ceramic material, these gauge blocks are highly wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. 
  • CERA blocks feature ten times the abrasion resistance of steel gauge blocks and three times that of hard metal blocks. 
  • Steel and ceramic have similar expansion coefficients which reduce measurement errors that occur due to temperature change. 
  • Non-magnetic: Powders (such as iron grit) will not adhere to surfaces 
  • Clearly visible marking: Black characters on a snow-white surface. 
  • More or less free from dimensional change over time. 
  • Can adhere to steel gauge blocks.
  • ree from burrs caused by scratches.
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