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Vickers Hardness Testing Machine

HV-100 Series

Product Information

HV-100 Series is a Vickers Hardness Testing Machines. Vickers hardness testers have a wide application in testing metals, especially small heat-treated parts, and are also suitable for making special-purpose tests such as carburized case hardness, maximum hardness of spot welds, high-temperature hardness, and fracture toughness of ceramic materials. In addition to Vickers hardness testing, Knoop (HK)*1/ Brinell (HB)*2/ Fracture toughness (Kc) tests can also be performed.

*1 For Knoop hardness testing, Knoop indenter (optional) is required.

*2 For Brinell hardness testing a Brinell indenter (optional) and additional weight are required.


System A (HV-110A/HV-120A)

All-in-one model with simple color touch-panel operation

System B (HV-110B/HV-120B)

A system equipped with automatic reading function with AVPAK software

System C (HV-110C/HV-120C)

In addition to the functions of System B, System C is equipped with an electric stage

System D (HV-110D/HV-120D)

In addition to the functions of System B and System C, System D is equipped with the auto focus function

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