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HR-530 Series

Product Information

HR-530 Series is a Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine. Unique electronic control makes the HR-530 series of hardness testers extremely versatile by enabling Brinell (light force) hardness testing as well as load-sequence hardness testing of plastics, plus Rockwell and Rockwell Superficial hardness testing.



  • This series can test the hardness of the inside wall of a ring, a test that is only possible using ordinary hardness testers by cutting the ring into pieces. (All models.)
  • This series allows numeric display of statistical analysis results such as maximum and minimum values, mean value and graphic display of Xbar-R control charts and histograms required for hardness evaluation.
  • When multiple workpieces with the same height are to be tested, no adjustment of the platen height control wheel is required for the second or later workpieces. Continuous, speedy testing is possible just by pressing the foot switch or the START button on the main unit.
  • The use of a nose-type indenter mechanism enables measurement not only on the flat top surface of a specimen but also the inside surface of a cylindrical specimen.
  • A connection port for a foot switch is provided so that this can be used to enable a rapid and convenient start to the testing sequence. This is in addition to the standard set of SPC, Serial and USB interface ports on the panel. Data import from a Digimatic unit is also possible.
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