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Surface Roughness / Contour Measuring System

Formtracer SV-C3200/4500 Series

Product Information

Formtracer SV-C3200/4500 Series is a dual-purpose measurement and powerful analysis of surface roughness and contour combined with high accuracy, high drive speed and simplified CNC measurement.



  • Expands measurement range while reducing workpiece interference Mitutoyo’s newly designed detector arm lowers workpiece interference while expanding the measurement range in the Z1-axis (detector).
  • The arm mount uses a magnetic joint for quick and easy arm replacement. The mount also includes a safety mechanism.
  • Compliant with JIS '82/'94/'01, ISO, ANSI, DIN, VDA, and other international surface roughness standards.
  • In addition to high speed movement of main unit, reduction of setting time and operator's fatigue can be achieved by using Auto-leveling Table (option), which allows automatic leveling for a measuring face.
  • The detector includes a safety mechanism (auto stop upon collision) to assure measurement safety even during highspeed movement. If the arm is removed or shifts during measurement, the safety mechanism is triggered and stops the machine.
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