MeasurLink – Mitutoyo’s answer to Industry 4.0

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MeasurLink is Mitutoyo’s answer to Industry 4.0, allowing users to directly collect measurement data from many different instruments for analysing, collation, reporting and managing all in one place automatically. Capable of being set up in a network solution, it will allow different departments to use the same set of data, or multinational companies to see the performance of individual sections or machines, even if they are oceans apart.

MeasurLink consists of 6 modules to assist users with many of their day to day tasks. From collecting live measurement data in Real Time, allowing you to discover defective products in real time, and analysing of data in Process Analyser, allowing you to see trends in production, to monitoring of machines throughout the day in Process Manager and scheduling of machine calibrations and automated reports.

MeasurLink is also easy to set up, and is scalable in terms of network size, making it appropriate for companies of all sizes, allowing all companies to take a rate towards realising their smart factory goals.