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Metrology Solutions for New Energy Vehicles

The automotive industry is rapidly accelerating development and release of new energy vehicles (NEVs). Since the construction of electric powertrains differs significantly from those of combustion engine vehicles, car manufacturers and suppliers need to reinvent themselves to adapt the production and assembly of critical electric vehicle components.

Key Components found in New Energy Vehicle that can be measured
by Mitutoyo Measuring Equipments

Power Control Unit (PCU)


Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)

The Power transistor of the inverter core. The main flow IGBT is a semiconductor component assembly. Mitutoyo Measuring Microscope MF-U can be used to effectively observe and confirm cracks in the solder connected to a chip by providing high-resolution observation and high-accuracy measurement solution.

Featured Measuring Product:


Measuring Microscope – MF/MF-U+ Vision Unit

① Condition of Soldering Iron

Fuel Cells


Hyrdogen-Oxygen Fuel Cell Separator

In order to form a flow path for diffusing gas, the fuel cell separator is processed into a small concave-convex shape. Using the micro-form measuring system UMAP with an ultra-low force of 15 µm and a minimum of 1 µN, high-reliablity measurement is achieved in terms of R angle, spacing, degree, etc.

Featured Measuring Product:


Vision Measuring Machine with Micro-Form Scanning Probe – UMAP Vision

① Distance ② Radius ③ Slope

Charger and Charging Port


Car Charger

The car charger consists of various parts such as cover, connector, housing and relay. Mitutoyo CRYSTA-APEX V Series offers flexibility with a wide range of models to suit practically any size workpiece.

Featured Measuring Product:


CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine – CRYSTA-Apex V

① Dimensions (Hole Diameter, Width, Height, Position)
② Profile of Surface

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