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Traceability of measuring equipment to the national or the international standard is a key concern in implementing control of inspection, measuring and test equipment required by ISO 9000. For measuring equipment to be traceable to the national standard, they must be calibrated with equipment which has been verified as traceable to the national standard calibrated with equipment having a higher grade of accuracy.

Mitutoyo maintains three kinds of standards:

  1. Laser for length measurement
  2. End standards (gauge blocks)
  3. Line standards (scales)

which are traceable to the national standard at the Japan Quality Assurance Organisation (JQA) and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

Mitutoyo’s reference standards include the Iodine Saturated Absorption Stabilized He-Ne Laser for length measurement at our Tsukuba Calibration Center, the Laser Interferometer for gauge block calibration at Miyazaki Plant, and the Laser Interferometer for scale calibration at Kiyohara Plant.

Mitutoyo also maintains calibration laboratories abroad, offering calibration services for gauge blocks and other measuring equipment. In the US, our calibration facilities have established traceability to NIST; in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Brazil calibration services are provided by Mitutoyo facilities acting as calibration agents accredited by NAMAS, DKD, NKO and INMETRO, respectively.

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