Special Calendar Products – August 2018

Small Tool Instrument


High Accuracy Digimatic Micrometer, Coolant Proof Micrometer, Quantumike

The origin of Mitutoyo’s Trustworthy brand of small tool instruments


2mm feed per revolution QuantuMike

Faster measurement is achieved by using a finer thread which feeds the spindle by 2mm per revolution of the thimble instead of the standard 0.5mm. This increase of spindle feed has been made possible thanks to new high precision thread-cutting and test techniques. Trials show that a reduction in positioning times of 60% and measuring times of 35%* can be obtained, compared with a conventional micrometer.


High-Accuracy Digimatic Micrometer MDH-25M

Enabling 0.1μm resolution measurement, this micrometer is ideal for customers who need to make highly accurate measurements with a hand-held tool. The High-Accuracy Digimatic Micrometer has a range of features to enable exible measurement, including switchable resolution (0.0001mm/0.0005mm), function lock and preset.


Coolant Proof Micrometer MDC-MX Series

Twice as Long Battery Life as before and Drastic Improvement in Measurement Efficiency. Approximately 2.4-year span of battery life has been achieved, thus reducing the inconvenience of replacing the battery. A nonslip surface with raised dots is employed for the frame cover and surface panel to achieve stable handhold measurement.

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